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Art Riot: Post-Soviet Actionism


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This fully illustrated catalogue documents seminal protest art created in Russia over the past 25 years. Texts by leading academics and contributions by artists illuminate an era of provocative expression.

Published by The Tsukanov Family Foundation


Pages: 255 pp

Size: 28cm x 30cm

Published by ABCdesign Studio 


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Art Riot: Post-Soviet Actionism will present those "artist-actionists" of the past 25 years who perceived the changing econimic and social environments around them in the most timely and acute ways. This includes both the transition from socialism to capitalism in the 1990's, and the corrosion of fundamental personal freedoms brought about by state and religiuous institutions under the Putin regime in 2000-2010. 

Art Riot takes place during the 100th anniversary year of Russia's October Revolution, although the exhibition does not have any direct links to this historical event, many of the issues that artists face in post-communist Russia are comparable to those faced in 1917.These include, but are by no means limited to, problems of individual freedoms in the face of political ideology and religion.

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