Floating Island By MAKIKO KUDO

Floating Island By MAKIKO KUDO




This mini-print was produced for the exhibition 'Iconoclasts' which opened at the Saatchi Gallery in September 2017.

Print dimensions: 36 cm x 29 cm

Image dimensions: 27.5cm x 18.5 cm

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Makiko Kudo's figures float through landscapes of lush colour dense with natural growth. Alone, the figures have all the melancholy of lost children in a fairy tale. Allusions to a tradition of modern escape situate Kudo's paintings as strategic evasions of contemporary woes. Escape into fictive worlds - and Kudo's specific Japanese cultural context, the immersive universes of computer games and manga comics - might be a response that borders on resistance. Kudo's childhood within late-twentieth century Japan's socially conservative and economically depresses environment led her into a wilfully disengaged mode of existence. 

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