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Sonic Skull by Darrell Hawkins

Sonic Skull by Darrell Hawkins




Original work (1 of 1)

Painted in 2014.

Signed by the artist

Acrylic on Canvas

Dimensions: 40cm x 60cm


More details

Darrell Hawkins was born in Chatham, Kent, UK, in 1986.  He attended the Kent Institute of Art and Design and graduated from Brighton University of Art. The artist lives and works in London and Gravesend, Kent.

“I want my work to emulate the fractious, absurd and seemingly random nature of life.

A large driver in the creation of my work is the use of nostalgic pop culture references. Painting allows me to mythologize fragments of my past and play with snapshots of memory.

I find solace in repetition. This manifests itself in the repeat appearances of Sonic the Hedgehog and other symbols that are representative of different stages in my life. These are pathways I want to re-tread and re-visit. This repetition is also apparent in my more abstract works where I build static, scrambled, clouds of visual information through repetitive mark marking. The paintings attempt to restore some balance within the chaos and to build their own rhythm."

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