Boris Mikhailov: Case History (First edition)

Boris Mikhailov: Case History (First edition)


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We have a small number of copies of the first edition of this seminal title. This substantial book (475 pages) was published in 1999 by Scalo. The title is now out of print. The copies we have are in mint condition.

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Boris Mikhailov, born in 1938 in Kharkov, Ukraine. Mikhailov lives and works in the Ukraine and in Berlin. Case History documents Mikhailov’s perception of social disintegration ensuing from the break-up of the Soviet Union – both in terms of social structures and the resulting human condition. This book shows the social oppression, the devastating poverty, the harshness and helplessness of everyday life for the homeless.

“This series of photos is a cycle called "Case History", that I might equally call the "clinical file of a disease". It took shape round 1997-1998. A big city, such as Harkov, offered me a great deal of raw material. And I did not miss it, I did not ignore it."

“I tried to capture the feeling of their helplessness, of their social oppression; I once witnessed a scene whereby a strong young man caviled at a poor guy passing by and kicked him hard. I even thought I had heard the poor man’s bones break. Nobody noticed it, either those nearby, or the militia man patrolling close by. I felt guilty, as I often feel guilty of things I see and take pictures of.”

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