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32 Bottles Found in the Street (No. 1) by Alaric Hammond




Original work (1 of 1)

Signed & dated on the back

Etching & Corrosion Processes on Zinc Plates Mounted onto Wood Panel

Dimensions: w 60cm x h 88 cm

More details

Alaric Hammond is a British artist based in London.

This artwork has been created in the studio utilising etching and corrosion processes on zinc plates which are then mounted onto wood. The resulting colours are natural pigments developed by chemical reaction.

The motifs within the exhibited works are often mundane everyday items – text messages, email offers, spam, discarded product packaging, snapshots and consumer products. Many items are objects that we are routinely told we should buy to become better or more sophisticated people – shoes, cigarettes, prescription drugs, lipsticks or technology. 

“Beauty is always underfoot; it is all around us if we just take the time to look. It cannot be founding the relentless cycle of aspiration and consumption to which we subject ourselves all too often.”

Care Instructions: As with most works of art, this work should be displayed in a dry room and without being exposed to direct sunlight. 

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